It's a big world

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10 February 1985
i'm just an average woman *realised that i am one* with an average life. a bit of an inexpressive person and hates crowded places. i do like making friends it's just hanging out with nothing to do and nothing to say bothers me a lot... i love my families and close friends and kamenashi kazuya XD

and yes, my lj will be revolving around my... I've stopped updating my works here so yeah... it's a little bit slow here in my journal. but I do have extra things@works that I'll post here though it's rarely.

and lastly, if you found i'm interesting enough, let's be friends XD oh and yeah~ if you want to add me, just comment Here ♥♥♥ and if you want to add me for my works in the fandom just add neo_puffie_arts

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